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  • HOME AND COMMUNITY-BASED SERVICES - Provide service coordination for individuals receiving  Medicaid Waiver Services living in their own home in the community.
  • OPTIONS/PRIVATE PAY PROGRAM – Help in the home with daily living activities such as: Home Supports and Personal Care.  Home Supports: light cleaning, laundry, meal prep and shopping.  Personal Care: bathing and grooming.
  • ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY & EQUIPMENT (AT) – Obtain equipment and devices needed to be independent such as: ramps, wheelchairs, walkers, and other assistive technology devices.
  • COMMUNICATION – Provide interpreter services and other services for people who are deaf, hard of hearing, non-verbal, etc.
  • LIBRARY – Provide information on disabilities, education, and internet research.
  • ACCESSIBLE FITNESS CENTER - Free gym for people with disabilities.
  • DEVELOPMENT and PUBLIC RELATIONS – Coordinate marketing, public relations, fundraising activities, and community education and outreach.
  • YOUTH IN TRANSITION PROGRAM (YTP) - Provide youth with disabilities one-on-one and group training to address skills needed to transition from high school to higher education, employment and/or independent living.  Provides ongoing referral and informational supports to youth, families, schools, agencies, and community members. Provides a monthly newsletter related to transition with local events, resources, and advocacy opportunities. To recieve the newsletter or to learn more about the Youth in Transition program please email Matt Berwick, Independent Living Youth Specialist at  or call 412-371-7700 ext. 223.